Guatemalans Undeterred, Will Keep Coming

We reported on May 29 that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had negotiated a deal with the government of Guatemala to work together to stem the ongoing depopulation of that country.

The New York Post is telling us now that Guatemalans don’t care: they’ll keep coming anyway.

“Nobody cares what the government does,” said one Guatemalan, who directs traffic at a busy crossroads that forms the jumping off point for many migrants. “[They] come from everywhere at all hours of the day and night. It will never stop.”

Every day hundreds of Guatemalan migrants carrying bags and backpacks leave from these crossroads, dubbed “Cuatro Caminos,” or Four Roads, to board buses to Mexico’s southern border and begin their thousand-mile journey to the United States.

In addition, hundreds more from El Salvador and Honduras and points south come through Cuatro Caminos, with the same destination in mind.

Fueling the ongoing exodus is the desire for money.  Migrant smugglers, called polleros, Spanish for chicken herders, charge $3,500 to $13,000 to escort a single individual  north to the U.S.  Once in America, usually as the beneficiary of our government’s “catch and release” policy, migrants can expect to earn illegally up to $15 per hour.  The money flows back to Guatemala also. Last year, Guatemalans sent back $9.2 billion, fully 11 percent of Guatemala’s GDP.

The incentive for the Guatemala government to take significant action, beyond the production of a few token ads discouraging migration, is therefore small. The government, moreover, is massively corrupt. The president, Jimmy Morales, expelled UN investigators earlier this year when they began to look into his family’s business dealings.

The DSH deal, therefore, which in part calls for the deployment of some dozens of U.S. “advisers” in the country, will be fighting an uphill battle with an entrenched and thoroughly corrupt system based on the pursuit of American dollars.

Bueno suerte on that.

For more, see the New York Post.



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