Globalism Is Tyranny

More Misinformation from the Media:

Donald Trump . . . summed up one side of this divide . . . ‘Americanism, not globalism. . . . America is not alone. Across Europe. . . . [there is] a Trumpian mix of xenophobia. . . . Countering the wall-builders will require stronger, bolder policies and smarter tactics. They must remind voters . . . how free trade and openness to foreigners enrich societies. . . . As for tactics, the question for pro-open types . . . is how to win. The best approach will differ by country. In the Netherlands and Sweden, centrist parties have banned together to keep out nationalists. . . . – The New Political Divide, The Economist, 7/16/16

Fact Check: This article reveals without shame the arrogance of globalism. This elitist scheme of dominance cannot allow any shade of grey or dissent against its ambition for world order. It cannot concede that there might be such a thing as honorable patriotism which legitimate concerns about national heritage and identity. No, any opposition to globalism is xenophobia—an obscure scrabble word meaning hatred of foreigners used to smear and silence dissenters.

Globalists seem to suggest that a country must either choose total openness or the total isolation of “wall-building”—with no other options in between. Their writings rarely concede that perhaps some limits on trade and immigration could be beneficial.

They dogmatically maintain that free trade and free immigration always enrich societies, when plenty of examples show that they don’t. To illustrate, free traders passed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with assurances that it would revitalize our economy and Mexico’s as well. In fact, they maintained, the “enrichment” of Mexico would end illegal immigration from that country. They conceded that NAFTA would end many jobs in the U.S., but said it would be no problem because all the Americans who lost their jobs could retrain for well-paying jobs in the rising field of high-tech.

What happened? The jobs were lost, but high-tech proved to be no haven for Americans. Companies brought in foreign workers to fill the tech-job openings, to the applause of immigration enthusiasts. The flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico didn’t subside; it sharply increased. Since NAFTA, American wage levels have stagnated, and the percentage of Americans in the middle class has declined.

Globalists simply don’t care what effect their ideology has on their fellow citizens because citizenship and country mean little to them. Their goals are wealth and power in an emerging global regime. Thus it is hardly surprising that globalists, such as the writer of The Economist article, have little respect for the aspirations of common people and their right to determine the future of their nations through the democratic process.

This writer explicitly advocates the political tactics that global-minded elites use in Europe to keep popular patriotic parties from having any significant say-so in their governments. Globalism in essence is an anti-freedom totalitarian movement. America once declared independence from the King of England to fain her freedom. To keep our liberty, we must declare independence from globalists.





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