Fences Define and Protect Our Nationhood

The Quote Below—More Misinformation from the Media

“Now, only days before the election that could unseat Trump, some immigration rights advocates and legal experts have a message for the man who has promised to dismantle the president’s legacy on immigration: Mr. Biden, tear down this wall.

“ ‘Trump’s border wall is just another pretext for targeting immigrants and border communities,’ said Dror Ladin, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. . . . A prominent scholar of fascism considers the wall something that Biden must destroy, lest he acquiesce to it.

“ ‘Biden is obligated to do many things, and this is one of them,’ said Jason Stanley, a Yale philosophy professor and author of How Fascism Works. ‘The wall is merely symbolic. It’s like a Confederate monument. I can see people saying, ‘OK can we not have these symbolic arguments,’ but if you want to address a legacy of xenophobia—little children chanting ‘build that wall’ in front of their Mexican-American classmates—it’s hard to see how you can avoid confronting this symbol of white nationalism.’ ”

“The nativism that the wall manifests is deeply rooted in American history, long predated—by the time he took office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimated that roughly 580 miles of barrier was already in place along the 1,954-mile continental border with Mexico. . . .” – Pressure Builds on Biden to Knock Down ‘Every Mile’ of Trump’s Wall, Spencer Ackerman & Scott Bixby, The Daily Beast, 10/28/20. [Link]

Fact Check on the Quote Above: Just exactly how is it “xenophobia” (hatred of foreigners) for a country to put a fence on its border? Is a homeowner expressing hatred toward his neighbors by building a fence on the line of his property? The old saying is very true that strong fences make good neighbors. When people understand and respect boundaries, they tend to respect each other.

We need a fence on our Mexican border because many of people from south of our border have shown disrespect for our country by ignoring our immigration laws. Walls and fences are legitimate symbols of our nation’ sovereignty, and they send a necessary message to those who would trespass against it. They also provide a practical means, among others, to stop those who attempt to trespass.

The writer quoted in this article indicates that Mexican-Americans would be offended by the chant of “build that wall.” He seems to assume that their ethnicity means far more to them than their country. That would be news to the many Mexican-Americans who serve in the Border Patrol. A border barrier that protects American citizens of all races is hardly a symbol of “white nationalism.” As for “nativism,” what’s wrong about Americans wanting to protect their native land.

The writer of this article and the person he quotes maintain that fence and wall advocates have bad motives. But just what are their motives? One might legitimately wonder if they care about our country and its sovereignty. Perhaps an anti-American globalist agenda is their real aim.




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