Exposing the “Diversity” Scam of Silicon Valley

We all know that the endlessly parroted word “diversity” is only a hackneyed shibboleth used by the left to get what they want, which is anything but true diversity. The left’s aim is the eventual displacement of the existing electorate and workforce of this country by aliens, legal and illegal. They believe that only then can they, led by giant multinational corporations, achieve their goal of American dominance.

The phoniness of the diversity scam is made clear in a report from one of their own, an outfit called “Joint Venture,” which studies the high-tech industry in California. A recent report by Joint Venture titled “2020 Silicon Valley Index” takes a look at demographics in Silicon Valley. The report’s findings are eye opening:

  • Sixty-seven percent of the region’s core working age group (ages 25-44) are Asian, the majority of whom are from India and China.
  • Fifty-one percent of Silicon Valley residents speak a language other than English at home.
  • Overall, 38 percent of Silicon Valley workers are foreign born.
  • The region’s workers from India and China outnumber all the American-born combined.

Other studies involving other areas of the U.S. agree.

Last year, a study found, for example, that in Hudson County, New Jersey, only one in seven software developers were born in the United States. In Santa Clara, California, only one in four such professionals were American born. In Richmond County, NY; Forsyth County, GA; and McLean County, IL, only one in three were born in America. And so on. All of these figures represent huge changes in the percentages from only a few years before.

Contributing to the rising levels of foreign-born software employees has been the wholesale installation of Indian managers in hiring positions in American firms. Nepotism plays a fundamental role in Indian business and society at large, and there are countless anecdotal reports of Indian managers hiring their countrymen, to the exclusion of American natives.

What all this adds up to is not “diversity.” It is the growing displacement of the American born by aliens. “Silicon Valley” is not just a metaphor for the high-tech industry in the U.S. It symbolizes a growing colonyalmost entirely Asian, where true diversity is being slowly stifeled.

For more, see Breitbart News.

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