Elites Support Mass Immigration

Historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson writes today about the class divide on the immigration issue: “Elites more often support lenient immigration policies; the general public typically opposes them.”

Mexican elites love the estimated $25 billion sent to Mexico in remittances each year. American employers in many industries favor illegal immigration to keep labor costs low – with the taxpayers paying the rising health care, welfare, education and law enforcement costs of millions of illegal aliens.

Upper income Americans like having low-wage “help” to clean the house, care for children and tend the lawn. Their wealth allows them to avoid schools and neighborhoods being ruined by millions of illegals.

Who does not benefit from mass illegal immigration? The poor and lower-middle class workers who must compete with illegals for jobs, can’t send their kids to private schools, and struggle to pay the increased taxes needed for social support of millions of poor immigrants.

Read the rest here: http://townhall.com/columnists/victordavishanson/2016/05/12/draft-n2161483

Posted 5/12/16 by George Palmer


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