Don’t Trust Amnesty ‘Compromise’ Proposal

Some amnesty advocates are supporting what they claim as a “compromise.” It would allow illegal aliens to have permanent legal status in the U.S., but would deny them a pathway to become citizens. Some Republicans support this idea. Said Frank Sharry of the pro-amnesty America’s Voice, “If House Republicans come forward with [this] common sense approach to dealing with the 11 million [illegal immigrants], I think we’ll get across the finish line this year.”

Fact Check: Radical leftists like Sharry are talking about compromise because they fear that the legislative clock will run out this year before they can get what they truly want: an immediate pathway to citizenship. Citizenship is the goal because leftists, usually Democrats, want naturalized former illegal aliens as a new voting bloc—a plan specifically set forth by prominent Democratic strategist Robert Creamer in his book, How Progressives Can Win.

Given this commitment, it is quite unlikely that the leftist “progressives” will accept the suggested compromise as permanent. At best it will only be a temporary layover on the way to citizenship. The history of leftist Democrats abiding by a compromise on immigration is not encouraging, specifically with reference to the 1986 amnesty.

 That legislation, the first granting amnesty, came about as the result of a compromise. In exchange for legalizing illegal aliens and giving them the chance to become citizens, leftist Democrats such as Sen. Edward Kennedy promised: 1) There would never be another amnesty. 2) Existing and newly enacted immigration laws would be enforced to prevent more illegal immigration. Kennedy and the rest of the amnesty advocates flagrantly broke those promises.

If “compromise” legislation passes this year, hardly a day will pass before Democratic amnesty supporters begin unceasing agitation to make the legalized illegals citizens. With the assistance of their allies in the media, they probably will prevail. No doubt they will use the line, as they often have in the past, that the demands of illegal aliens are the same as the demands of black Americans during the Civil Rights era. That analogy is utterly dishonest. Civil Rights were about the rights of citizens, not the right of foreigners to break our laws or to become citizens.  

Trying to find common ground with fundamentally dishonest people is pointless.  Compromise with leftist amnesty supporters like Frank Sharry is impossible. Untrustworthy is the only thing one can trust them to be.



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