Donald Trump Jr: Biden Has Shipped More Jobs to China Than Anyone Alive

Donald Trump, Jr., appeared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Thursday, discussing Joe Biden, his relationship with China, and the graft and corruption attached to the entire Biden family.

Chinese Communist Party Boss Xi Jinping and Joe Biden: Partners in Crime

Trump said that Joe Biden “has shipped more jobs to China than probably any human being alive. Watching today’s media try to run this guy as though he’s going to be good for the blue collar worker when he’s literally decimated the middle class — the manufacturing sector of America — is truly amazing.”

Trump cited Biden’s support of NAFTA and the granting to China of permanent trade status in the World Trade Organization, which he said “destroyed our auto industry and manufacturing.” He said that more recently Biden supported Obama’s push for the United States to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which further destroyed American manufacturing.

Overall, said Don Jr., “Joe Biden has single-handedly done more to destroy the American middle class than probably any politician alive.”

Ironically, Biden, who likes to call himself “Blue Collar Joe,” has never held a blue-collar job. He brags about his long years in politics. That part is true: he got his first elected position while still in his twenties, rushing past the usual phase of doing actual work and going straight to the public feeding trough.

By contrast, Don Jr.’s father, the President, is rich, something he doesn’t hide from. But he made his fortune in construction, dealing directly with the men actually doing the building. “He likes them. He loves them. He got into this fight for them,” he said.

The China connection involves Biden’s family as well. Don Jr. estimates that Hunter Biden, while serving on the board of Bohai Harvest RST–an investment firm founded jointly by him and the state-run Bank of China–probably received $30 million every year. “If I was doing the stuff that [Hunter Biden] was doing, I’d be in jail, right now.”

“They were buying Joe,” he said of China’s dealings with Hunter Biden. “That’s why he’s been so soft on China. That’s why he said they’re not our enemy. That’s why [he said] they’re not going to eat our lunch. That’s why he’s pushed for China’s permanent trade status in the World Trade Organization.”

Trump emphasized that the corruption surrounding Joe Biden does not stop with Hunter; the entire Biden family–brothers James and Frank and sister Valerie–have all cashed in on Joe’s peddling of his political influence. For the Bidens, corruption is a family affair.

Listening to this sorry story, you’ll realize that Joe’s obvious dementia is not the only problem with the Biden candidacy, not by a long shot.

You can hear Don Jr.’s eye-opening interview here. To read more, see Breitbart News.

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