DHS Spreads Flu from Texas to California

On May 22, we reported that the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) detention center in McAllen, Texas, had been closed due to an outbreak of flu there. The migrants housed there were being transferred to detention centers  elsewhere.

One of those centers was the Bankers Hill center in San Diego.  Homeland Security officials had already–on May 17–begun flying detainees out of Texas’s overcrowded centers to San Diego, operating 10 jets between Texas and San Diego, each carrying 130 passengers per flight.  Of those migrants flown out of the RGV center after its closure, 16 at Bankers Hill were soon identified as suffering from flu-like symptoms and had to be placed in quarantine.

Three additional cases were diagnosed over the weekend.

According to a report in the Times of San Diego, “County officials said they plan to continue monitoring those in the shelter for flu-like symptoms to ensure that they do not spread throughout the facility or the surrounding communities.”

Unfortunately, DHS had already spread the disease from Texas to California.

For more, see the Times of San Diego on May 23 and May 26.



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