DHS Reveals Number of H-1Bs (It’s a Lot)

The government has assiduously avoided revealing the number of H-1B visa recipients working in this country from year to year.  They have done this for two reasons: one, they really don’t even know, believe it or not, and two, more importantly, they want to appease the big multinational corporations that thrive on cheap, compliant labor from abroad, chiefly from India and China.

In an unprecedented move, the Trump administration has issued a document estimating that number. Although record-keeping has been so lax that an exact figure is impossible, the Department of Homeland Security estimates there are about 600,000 H-1B visa recipients working here at any given time. That’s 600,000 jobs that Americans could have had but that Silicon Valley and other Fortune 500 corporations chose to give to foreigners.

The 600K figure is basically a guess, which ignores the very real element of fraud. In his June 27 article on the report, Breitbart News’ Neil Munro advises:

The new USCIS report does not estimate the number of fake H-1B documents in circulation despite myriad cases of fraudulent work permits and made-in-China green cards. For example, Indian-owned subcontract companies duplicate valid H-1Bs to provide work documents for illegal immigrants because the U.S. managers at the prime contractors “don’t check anything,” said an American who migrated into the United States as an Indian H-1B worker.” It happens all the time.”

Nevertheless, the estimate is a rare attempt at transparency and taking a realistic look at how distorted our employment picture has become.

For more, see Breitbart News.

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