Jan 31

Destination: Monterrey?

About 2400 Central American migrants left Mexico City this morning to resume their northward trek toward the United States border.  While recent asylum seekers have anticipated that Tijuana is the  border city most likely to allow a successful crossing, city officials and residents of that city have become increasingly cold to further migrants. In addition, U.S. authorities in San Diego have begun transporting asylum seekers in their custody back to Tijuana, while their cases are heard. Those may be the reasons that for the first time recently we’re hearing talk of a new destination in Mexico near the U.S. border: Monterrey, in the northeast of the country. Monterrey is a large city not on the border but nearby, about 140 miles from Laredo, Texas. Some migrants believe it now may offer a better opportunity of success.

One would-be asylee declared, “I’m not thinking of returning to Honduras, and if it’s necessary, I’ll pay to have a (smuggler) help me cross.”













For more, see U.S. News and World Report.

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