Denied Foreign Workers, Employers Beginning to Hire American

On June 22, President Trump issued an executive order restricting the importation of foreign workers under various non-immigrant visa programs such as H-1B, H-2b, J-1, etc. Though criticized at the time by the usual elements of the cheap labor lobby, it now appears that the order is having its desired effect: American employers are getting used to hiring American again.

Neil Munro tweets about American hires in ski industry

Yesterday, Neil Munro of Breitbart News cited numerous reports to that effect.

The Wall Street Journal on September 6 quoted a spokesman for the Sevier County Economic Development Council in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Allen Newton, director of the Council, said the area tourist industry had to “get creative” after being denied many J-1 workers.  They responded by developing a “hospitality internship program that seeks to bring more U.S. college-age workers to the area.”

In Kentucky, the horse-racing industry was denied H-2B visa workers. In response, according to an August 31 Associated Press report, the industry put together a staff consisting of “college students to day workers” to make up for the loss. Laurie Mays, a project manager at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in charge of developing a local workforce for the horse industry, said that while foreign workers will still be needed, she is optimistic about bringing in more American workers.

In Colorado, the ski industry had to deal with being denied its usual allotment of H-2B and J-1 workers. The Aspen Skiing Co., for example, typically hires 400 J-1 visa workers every season. The Colorado Sun quotes Jim Laing, the head of that company’s human resources: “Trying to fill positions without an international pool of applicants is a little concerning, but we think we can replace them domestically. Our applications from college kids are up pretty significantly over prior years. We are targeting college-age applicants, but they seem to be targeting us as well. That’s a bright light in this mess.”

Even so, according to Munro, some industries would still prefer to hire lobbyists and lawyers than hire American workers. However, even in the area of endless litigation, there is still some good news. On September 4, a federal judge upheld Trump’s June 22 proclamation by rejecting a lawsuit brought by an India-based outsourcer.

For more, see Breitbart News.

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