Democrats’ New Most-Protected Minority: Transgenders

In their never-ending quest for more and more victim categories to pander to, the Democrats have latched upon “transgenders.” As we reported in October, Democrat presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has, for example, demanded we move transgender illegals to the front of the immigration line. Expanding upon that idea, last week Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) sought signatures from Democratic colleagues to a letter demanding that Immigration and Customs Enforcement immediately release all transgender detainees into the U.S.

The letter, an advance copy of which was obtained by The Hill, makes the case that since transgender aliens are more subject to abuse in custody, they should be simply be released automatically. It cites an Obama-era (2015) ICE memo titled “Further Guidance Regarding the Care of Transgender Detainees,” which details the special treatment to be accorded transgenders applying for asylum in the United States.

Paragraph from 2015 ICE memo on transgenders

That ICE memo spends most of its 18 pages carefully spelling out the tender loving care treatment that Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officials are expected to provide any asylum seeker self-identifying as transgender, including use of the all-important “preferred pronoun.” It stops short, however, of calling for instant release of transgender illegals (this being 2015 when Democrat fantasies were not so evolved as now), but it does prescribe that detained transgenders be held in facilities specially designed for their care.

Quigley’s letter maintains that since no such facility has ever been built, ICE is now legally required to release them all.

This “transgender” category is tailor-made for any migrant wanting to game the system, because–as the 2015 memo affirms–a transgender is anyone who says he/she is a transgender. There can be no argument. The policy demanded by Quigley and company would therefore open up a huge loophole for savvy migrants to slip through.

All this is just preliminary play-acting for the Democrats, of course. What Quigley and his henchpersons–including Warren and all the Dem contenders–really want is an open door: the abolition of ICE and the erection of a giant welcome sign at what used to be the border, promising admittance to all, gender irrespective.

For more, see The Blaze.


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