Democrats Call for Open Borders

Not only did the Democrat debaters go all in for illegal alien healthcare, as we reported yesterday, some actually called for removing the “illegal” status altogether.

Dems All In on Illegals’ Healthcare (From Twitter)

Julian Castro got the ball rolling on the first night of debates, when he called for the repeal of  Section 1325 of Title 8 of the United States Code, a law that’s been around for 90 years. That law makes unauthorized entry into the United States a misdemeanor and makes the perpetrator liable for deportation.  Any subsequent authorized re-entry is a felony.

Asked the second night whether an illegal who hasn’t been convicted of another crime should be deported, the consensus was no:

  • Joe Biden replied that such a person “should not be the focus of deportation.”
  • Kamala Harris said “absolutely not.”
  • Representative Eric Swalwell said, somewhat dreamily,  “That person can be part of this great American experience.”

Ending any legal restraint on wholesale entry into the United States would effectively put an end to this country as a country. It would become instead  just a vast,  characterless, very dangerous, teeming mass of disparate peoples, at each other’s throats and fighting for dominance. It would be a “great American experience” that not even “Pass-the-torch” Swalwell would really want to see.

For more, see National Review.



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