Deadly Coronavirus Comes to America

What are the dangers of allowing foreigners unrestricted admittance to your country? Permanent cultural changes? Political shifts when the naturalized begin to vote? Job displacement by lower-paid workers?

How about new, unheard-of deadly diseases?

Map showing Wutan, Hubei Province, China, ground zero of coronavirus

On Tuesday, the first case of the coronavirus, a new, very deadly disease originating in animal lots in China, was identified in Washington State. The unnamed victim was described only as a “Snohomish County resident is in his 30s” who originally hailed from central China. He had just returned to the U.S. from Wuhan City, in the Hubei Province of China, the site of the first reported cases of the new disease last month. Since its appearance, the virus has spread to hundreds throughout China as well as to Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, in addition to the United States. To date, nine people have died, all in China.

The first cases of the disease appeared among persons who had visited a wholesale seafood market in Wuhan. Doctors concluded from that that the virus had spread from animals to humans. Since then, cases have appeared in victims who had not recently been around animals, suggesting that human-to-human transmission is happening as well.

A University of Washington researcher advised that the public should not panic “right now,” and the state’s Democratic governor Jay Inslee said, “This is not a moment of high anxiety.” Meanwhile, a Center for Disease Control spokesman predicted more cases in the U.S. and around the world in the coming days.

Meanwhile flights from China are still unloading planefuls of passengers, many of them from Wuhan, at U.S. airports, though we are told that airports have “stepped up monitoring.” It should be noted that the Washington State victim arrived here symptom free.

For more, see ABC News.


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