Nov 15

Central American caravans on November 15

While  the largest portion of the now more than 12,000 Central American migrants in Mexico are still much further south., the news media is filled this morning with announcements that many of the caravan have already arrived in Tijuana.  Fox News is reporting that “nine buses trucked 357 travelers” on Tuesday.  U.S. News and World Report  is reporting that migrants arrived “by the hundreds” through Wednesday. They quote one Honduran as saying that he “intended to wait for thousands more in the caravan to arrive and that he hoped to jump the fence in a large group at the same time, overwhelming Border Patrol agents.” An Associated Press story states that some of the early arrivals immediately climbed the steel border fence after arriving, chanting ” Yes, we could!” One even dropped to the U.S. side briefly before being chased back by the Border Patrol.

Meanwhile, to the south, the remainder of the caravan was strung out over more than a thousand miles back to Guadalajara, with members of other caravans even further back.  One large group of 2,000 had arrived in Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa, 786 miles from Tijuana. They were being aided by the Roman Catholic church, which had acquired 24 buses to transport them northward.





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