Nov 13

Central American caravans on November 13

It’s becoming more difficult to fix the location of the (original) caravan. An article in the Wall Street Journal explains why: “Largest of Migrant Caravans Splits Into Smaller Groups.” In a process that had begun even before the group landed in Mexico City several days ago, the caravan had started to split as migrants, many of whom were footsore and otherwise weary of road walking, began to catch rides in cars, trucks, and buses, often many of them climbing on board any vehicle whose driver was willing or could be convinced.  While many of the disparate subgroups that resulted were able to regroup and coalesce in Mexico City, now that they are back on the road, the overall group has split again. WSJ states:

One smaller group of nearly a hundred migrants arrived in Tijuana on buses on Sunday. Two groups of about 800 people in total are advancing across the Pacific states of Sinaloa and Nayarit, while some 1,000 migrants arrived in Guadalajara, in western Jalisco state some 1,400 miles south of Tijuana. A larger group of some 3,500 people is also heading to Guadalajara.

The article also updates the location of some of the other migrant caravans now in Mexico. One group of 1,500  is in the city of Puebla, 95 miles south of Mexico City, and another with about  1,000 people is in Veracruz. If, as some suggest, all the different caravans and scattered individual migrants meet in Tijuana in the next two weeks, they will severely test the resources of that city well before they approach a port of entry in the U.S.  As many as 8,000 people may be attempting to apply at once for refugee status in the United States, a chance that many U.S. authorities consider very unlikely.

Although pinpointing the exact location of the entire caravan is impossible, the majority are at or close by Guadalajara, which is about 1400 miles from the U.S. border at San Diego.

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