CBP Temporarily Closes Border at Laredo due to Threat

On Monday afternoon, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection along with the Border Patrol halted traffic in both directions at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge linking Laredo, Texas, with Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  The CBP issued the following statement:

“Bridge traffic at Gateway to the Americas Bridge is temporarily halted in both directions due to the possible threat of a significant group of undocumented migrants attempting entry without inspection at the bridge.”

Traffic Stopped at Border Bridge







About 50 asylum seekers who had entered the bridge, apparently with the intent of crossing without the required documentation, were then led away without incident.  Of those 50, thirteen agreed to begin the process of repatriation to their home countries, while the remainder were bused to Monterrey, about 134 miles distant.

Forced crossings into Mexico at official ports of entry from the south are commonplace, but thus far the CBP has been able to prevent such crossings at U.S. ports.  In Laredo on Monday, only 50 were involved, yet thousands more wait in border towns across northern Mexico.

For more on this story and a video report, see KSAT.


  1. After the wall is completed?
    Refuse entry.
    The invaders who suceed?, immediately turn them around and place them on the other side of the wall.
    My tax dollars are being used to hire lawyers in order to allow them to stay.
    Free food, free medical, free education, I’m done.

  2. Thank your Border Patrol for your vigilance and dedication in protecting our border. People who don’t come into our country the right way are trespassing and breaking our laws and should never be granted asylum or citizenship. Smuggling drugs and human trafficking should be prosecuted severely. America is a country that is wonderful and free with abundant opportunity for all its citizens. Illegal immigration should not be tolerated, but those who come legally will be welcomed into the American family.


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