Steinle Killer Cleared of Gun Charge

A count in California has cleared illegal alien Jose Inez Garcia Zarate of the charge of felony possession of a firearm. In 2015 Zarate,...

Sessions Denounces ‘Omnibus’ Legislation

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) strongly denounced the pending "omnibus' appropriations legislation as it pertains to immigration. He stated, “As currently written, this year's appropriations bills – which will be combined into a catch-all 'omnibus' by December 11th – amount to a blank check for the President to carry out his refugee resettlement plans. Not only will the President be allowed to bring in the 85,000 refugees he has announced on top of current record immigration levels, but this will include at least 10,000 refugees from Syria who will subsequently be able to bring in their foreign relatives. All refugees are eligible for lifetime government assistance and can draw funds from Social Security and Medicare at Americans' expense. More than 90 percent of recent Middle Eastern refugees are on welfare. And they are on a fast-track to becoming voting U.S. citizens.

Trump to Unveil Kushner Plan Today

President Trump is expected to announce his administration's plan for immigration overhaul in a speech this afternoon. This plan, in process for several months,...

Ohio Republicans Ask for More Refugees

The Republican governor of Ohio earlier this month joined 17 other Republican governors in asking for continued resettlement of foreign refugees in his state....

GOP Amnesty Supporters Hope for Bill by August

Republican amnesty supporters hope to have an amnesty bill ready by August. They will seek to pass it by claiming that legalization of illegal aliens is not amnesty--even though it is.

TX Governor Vows Sanctuary Ban

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has promised to ban sanctuary cities in Texas. These are cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement to deport illegal aliens. Said Abbott, "I'm going to sign a law that bans sanctuary cities. Also I've already issued an order cutting funding to sanctuary cities."

Most Americans Don’t Think Amnesty Will Pass

A Quinnipiac University poll found that 70 percent of Americans don't think Congress will pass a comprehensive amnesty bill this year.

Patriots in Murrieta, CA Fight Obama’s Alien Invasion

"When President Obama began dumping busloads of newly arrived illegal aliens on small town America to force so-called immigration reform he probably didn't expect...

Heritage Foundation: Amnesty Imposes Tax Burdens on U.S.

The Senate's amnesty bill provides for spending millions on legalized illegal aliens.

Mexico Assists Movement of Haitians to U.S.

An internal Homeland Security document reveals that Mexican officials are helping Haitian migrants reach the U.S. by issuing them 20-day transit documents. Six thousand Haitians arrived at the U.S. border during the past year, eighteen times the number who arrived during the previous year. To get there they pay large sums to smugglers. At the border they commonly claim asylum, even though they could have claimed it in Mexico or any of the other countries they traveled through. That strongly suggests that they are economic migrants rather people seeking a haven from persecution.