Gutierrez: Punish Amnesty Opponents

At a meeting of the Hispanic supremacist National Council Council of La Raza (The Race), Rep. Luis Gutierrez (R-IL) said that illegal aliens should get amnesty and citizenship so that they can "punish" opponents of illegal immigration. Gutierrez, who gave his speech in Spanish, is a leading advocate of amnesty in the House. He once stated that his only loyalty was to "the immigrant community."

Jeb Bush: We Need to Show Respect for Illegal Aliens

Likely presidential contender Jeb Bush lamented in an interview that illegal aliens deserve more respect. He said that we should make legal immigration easier than illegal immigration and "show some respect" illegal immigrants already here. Bush didn't say anything about respecting ordinary American citizens who suffer from illegal immigration.

Georgia Law Proposed Against Sanctuaries

Georgia state Rep. Philip Singleton, and 19 co-sponsors are advancing legislation to outlaw sanctuary cities in the state, i.e., cities that refuse to cooperate...

More Drama on the High Seas

On the night of September 9, the crew of a plane attached to the Air and Marine Operations (AMO) division of CBP spotted a...

Salvadorans Get TPS Extension (Of Course)

Under a policy known as "Temporary Protected Status," the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security can protect from deportation citizens of a given...

New policy in Mexico Is Encouraging Migrants

The more tolerant, even supportive, policy toward Central American migrants of the new Mexican federal government is encouraging a trend that had already reached...

Is Guatemala a New “Safe Third Country”?

We reported on June 8 on what proved to be a premature rumor that the Trump administration had inked a deal with Mexico that...

Study: Hispanics Fit Democrat Voter Profile

Republicans pursuing amnesty for illegal aliens may end up helping the Democrat Party.

Massachusetts Group Seeks More Immigrants in the Workforce

Something called the "Supporting Our Global Workforce forum" got together in the Boston area last week to talk about the need for more immigrants...

Obama Cuts Fines For Businesses Hiring Illegal Aliens

The Obama Administration regularly reduces the fines that businesses pay for hiring illegal aliens. According to an audit conducted by the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general, the reductions average 40 percent.