Iraqi Refugee Faces Charges in Arizona Bomb Blast

An immigrant from Iraq faces charges in an FBI investigation of a blast at a Social Security building in Casa Grande, Arizona

DC Suburb Forces Taxpayers to Help Illegals Get Amnesty

Local political elites in Montgomery County, Maryland, are using taxpayer money to help illegal aliens apply for President Obama's administrative amnesty, giving them the right to compete for jobs with unemployed American workers.

Illegals Sue Arizona to Demand Driver’s Licenses

The ACLU, MALDEF and other advocates of illegal immigration want courts to order Arizona to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens that receive administrative amnesty from the Obama regime.

Hispanic Caucus Outlines Immigration Goals

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has issued a list of goals it seeks for immigration legislation. First on the list is amnesty. . . .

Obama Administration Opposes Tech Worker Bill

The Obama Administration announced it would oppose legislation in the House to increase the number of immigration visas for foreigners holding degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Mexican President to Pressure Obama on U.S. Immigration

Mexico wants a hand in shaping U.S. immigration policy. Obama is likely to oblige.

GOP Senators Offer Legalization to Children of Illegals

Senate GOPers think Hispanic voters will like them by offering DREAM Act-style legislation that is less generous than the version offered by Democrats. The GOP bill would legalize childrend of illegal aliens, but not offer a path to citizenship.

MA In-State Tuition for Illegals Faces Opposition

The decision of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to permit in-state tuition for illegal aliens is drawing strong opposition from a number of lawmakers.

Study: Hispanics Fit Democrat Voter Profile

Republicans pursuing amnesty for illegal aliens may end up helping the Democrat Party.

Kobach Predicts Kansas Will Pass Immigration Law

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach predicts that his state next year will pass legislation to curtail illegal immigration.