Obama Wants Amnesty Passed as Quickly as Possible

A spokesman for President Obama said that Obama wants amnesty legislation to move quickly through Congress without significant scrutiny by congressional committees.

31,000 Lobbyists Working on Immigration Legislation

The greedy push for cheap labor knows no limits.

House Members Ready Own Version of Immigration Reform

The House version differs from the plan developing in the Senate, but both provide some form of amnesty for illegal aliens, so far.

AP Won’t Call Illegal Immigrants ‘Illegal’

Welcome to the Orwellian post-1984 America where ignorance is bliss and illegal immigrants will be shielded by journalists.

Sessions: Amnesty Bill Needs Careful Consideration

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) repeated his concern that some senators want to move too quickly on amnesty legislation.

Graham Helps Import Low-Wage Workers for Elite Club

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a leading advocate of amnesty, helped the Kiawah country club import low-wage workers from Jamaica.

Georgia Legislature Blocks Illegals From State Benefits

Some common sense from Georgia's elected state representatives.

Federal Judge Won’t Allow Indiana Police to Detain Suspected Illegal Aliens

As usual, the federal judiciary won't allow common sense policing supported by the American people.

Rubio Cautions Against Rushing Immigration Legislation

Florida's Sen. Marco Rubio says no immigration bill should be rushed to passage in secret without Congress and the American people having a chance to review it.

Amnesty Deal Threatened by Guest Worker Proposal

Amnesty legislation in the Senate is threatened by the proposal to attach a guest worker program to the amnesty.