Each Amnestied Household to Cost U.S. $12,433

The White House claims comprehensive immigration legislation will bring to the U.S. "highly skilled" works and "entrepreneurs."

News from South of the Border

Here's a very abbreviated rundown on events in Mexico in the past few days. Each of the following reports has come across within the...

Rep. Gutierrez Creates ‘Family Defender Toolkit’ for Illegals

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), has prepared a pamphlet and "emergency card" for illegal aliens to help them prepare for Obama's executive amnesty and avoid...

Obama To Appeal, Seek Stay of Injunction Halting Amnesty

The White House said Friday it will seek a stay of the federal judge's ruling earlier this week that halted his new deportation amnesty,...

Sen. Cruz Rallies House Conservatives to End Obama Amnesty

13 House Republicans met late Wednesday with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to discuss opposition to the $659 million "border supplemental" if it does not...

The NYT Twists Facts Again

More Misinformation from the Media: Yet data from the Cato Institute indicates that diversity-visa holders and illegal immigrants, the groups most maligned by Mr. Trump,...

Bipartisan Immigration Amnesty Plan to Cost Taxpayers Trillions

A study by the Heritage Foundation reveals that current immigration legislation in Congress that will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will cost U.S. citizen taxpayers trillions of dollars in benefits because many illegals live in poverty.

Bannon Explains Illegal Immigration

Former White House Chief strategist Steve Bannon addressed the Remembrance Project, an organization of American families who have lost loved ones because of crimes committed by illegal aliens. During his speech he expressed his view as to why illegal immigration goes on and on. Said Bannon, "[It] is not some random law of the universe . . . this not physics, okay. This is an act of commission. The elites in this country, the economic, political, and the media elites allow this to happen because they want it to happen. "The multicultural globalist corporations want cheap labor, and the progressive Left wants cheap votes. This is not a conspiracy. And you are not wing-nuts. This is broad daylight."

Oklahoma Begins to Enforce Immigration Law

Oklahoma, announced state Attorney General Scott Pruitt, will begin to enforce a state law requiring businesses to check whether new employees are legal residents.

Is Ecuador Reconsidering “Universal Citizenship”?

We've reported here a number of times about how so-called "extra-continental" refugees and asylum seekers have been coming into our hemisphere by way of...