DHS Spreads Flu from Texas to California

On May 22, we reported that the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) detention center in McAllen, Texas, had been closed due to an outbreak of flu...

Border Crossings Declined in June

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported that illegal border crossings declined in June. DHS Press Secretary Tyler Q.  Houlton noted, "Following the implementation of the Administration's zero tolerance policy, the June 2018 Southwest Border Migration numbers declined by 18 percent when compared to the previous month. DHS will continue to enforce the rule of law and uphold our nation's immigration laws as passed by Congress."

Senate Amnesty Plan Would Boost High-Tech Visas

Along with rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship, the Senate amnesty bill may also contain a provision to increase visas for foreign high-tech workers--even though many Americans in high tech fields are unemployed.

Puzder Appointment Questioned

Many immigration control advocates question President-elect Trump's nomination of Andrew Puzder to become Secretary of Labor. Puzder has been a strong advocate of amnesty for illegal aliens and an advocate of the view that large number of foreign workers must be imported to do jobs Americans won't or can't do. Since his nomination Puzder has stated that as Labor Secretary he will make jobs for Americans his priority.

Misuse of Social Security Numbers By Illegals Grows

A new report from the Social Security Administration's Office of the Inspector General says 89.7 million W-2s were submitted in the ten years 2003-2012...

Former Disney Worker Describes Firing

A former Disney tech worker, on breitbart.com, described his firing and replacement by foreign tech workers. In order to collect severance pay, he and other American workers had to train those foreign replacements who came to this country under the H-1B program. Tech companies like Disney claim that they have to hire H-1Bs because they can't find enough qualified Americans to fill job openings. The author, who writes anonymously, states it was strange that Disney thought its American workers were unqualified when they were needed to train their replacements. Many critics of tech companies charge that they hire H-1Bs because they can pay them less than Americans.

‘Showdown’ Looms in Congress

The Hill reports that "Congress is barreling toward a showdown over immigration in January." The Democrats are insisting on amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category. President Trump has insisted that "there can be no DACA without the desperately needed wall at the southern border and an end to the horrible chain migration and ridiculous lottery system of immigration etc. We must protect our country at all cost,"  

Pelosi Praises Illegal aliens

During her recent filibuster speech before the House, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi stated that illegal aliens in the DACA category are "the pride of our nation." She also said that it was a "proud day" for her when her six-year old grandson wished that he was Hispanic instead of being white.

Billionaire Demands Amnesty

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a major donor to the GOP, strongly attacked Republicans who do not support amnesty for illegal aliens. He stated that if Congress doesn't pass amnesty America will not be "the America that I'm proud to live in." Adelson made much of his fortune from casinos.

Backlash Grows Against Foreign Worker Visas

While Washington, D.C. politicians in both parties scheme to expand the number of foreign workers admitted every year under the H-1B visa program for...