Cartels Are Poisoning Our National Parks

Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Mark Lamb revealed that “drug and human traffickers coming over the U.S.-Mexico border have ‘total disregard for our country.'”

Trash at Mexican Marijuana Grower Site, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, California

Lamb said that Mexican human and drug smugglers are leaving piles of trash, clothing, abandoned vehicles, and all manner of garbage in national parks in the southwestern United States. “Cattle,” he said, “are choking on tuna cans.”

The Environmental Protection Agency published a report on Tuesday detailing how Mexican marijuana growers have for years poisoned water and wildlife in California’s national parks.

As an example, in September, a raid on an illegal marijuana-growing operation in California’s Shasta-Trinity National Forest resulted in the confiscation and destruction of 8,656 marijuana plants and 232 pounds of processed marijuana along with the arrests of two Mexican cartel members.  National Public Radio revealed that, in addition to the marijuana, 3,000 pounds of trash, including discarded clothing, propane tanks, and used cans of insecticide, along with three miles of plastic irrigation pipes and open bags of fertilizer, were found at the site.

Lamb said that such sites will need massive amounts of rehabilitation to restore them to their former condition. He expressed wonder at why those supposedly dedicated to the environment were for the most part silent. He said, “Where are the environmentalists?”

With this country’s environmental movement having been hijacked by the Left, the answer is easy: ensuring open borders is obviously more important to the “environmentalists” than the environment.

For more, see Fox News.


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