Carlson: Pelosi’s Shameless Bill

Word this morning is that, after a week of often vitriolic debate, the Senate has agreed upon a two-trillion-dollar relief bill that could be affirmed today by the House and sent to the President for signing.

We’re still not sure what will be in the final bill, but in his March 23 monologue on Fox News, Tucker Carlson eviscerated Nancy Pelosi’s version, released on Monday.

Carlson said, “House Democrats have crammed [the bill] with totally unrelated political priorities, identity politics stoking racial division, as usual, global warming, open borders.” For example, the bill would require the following:

  • Experts hired to manage Wuhan virus preparation and response must be chosen on the basis of their race and disability status.
  • Corporations receiving aid must file reports with the government listing the sex and skin color of their boards of directors.
  • All 50 states are required to have an early voter period as well as same-day voter registration, which would give Democrats the electoral advantage they crave.
  • Any airline receiving a federal loan must offset their carbon emissions within five years, to fulfill the Democrats’ “climate change” demands.
  • Automatically renew visas and work permits for all immigrants in the U.S. (Carlson: “Democrats want to make certain that the people replacing you are secure and happy.”)
  • Every corporation that receives aid must have officers and a budget dedicated to diversity. (He says the bill mentions the word “diversity” 60 times.)

Carlson adds that it’s not just Democrats who are anxious to push their own political agenda by leveraging the crisis. He has been told, he says, that “some Senate Republicans are trying to kill the requirement that companies that receive bailout funds stop sending American jobs overseas.”

Who would do that? he asks. Ask the Chamber of Commerce.

For a transcript of Carlson’s monologue, see Fox News.


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