Caravans Can Become Invasion

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

“The caravan has been revealed for what it is: a desperate attempt by desperate people driven to leave everything behind and walk from Honduras across Central America to escape violence, poverty, and death. Their beacon? Los Estados Unidos, where President Trump sent nearly 6,000 active-duty troops to fend off what he called an “invasion.”. . .

“The caravan itself is a reflection on how those border crossing have changed. The hiring of “coyotes,” who furtively helped smuggle individuals, resulted in exploitation and often the abuse of those attending to cross. Many of those seeking to enter the U.S. have opted for safety in numbers, hoping against hope they can make a humanitarian claim for asylum, though many do not meet the international refugee standard of fear of persecution.

“Their plight more than ever points up the need for a nuanced, humane, effective set of reforms that protect the integrity of this nation’s borders while addressing the plight of those fleeing situations more fearsome than most Americans can imagine. . . .

“Congress has much on its plate, but immigration reform should rise quickly toward the top, if only to stop the fear and xenophobia.” – Other View: Campaign Craziness Can Lead to Immigration Reform, Star Tribune, Minneapolis 11/26/18. [Link]

Fact Check on Quote: This article dismisses the notion that migrant caravans can be likened to an invasion. It fails to note that if unchecked these caravans could amount to an invasion force. Gallup recently found that 42 million Latin Americans want to move to the United States and that five million of them are making plans within the next twelve months.

If we show weakness in controlling the border, we are inviting this mass of humanity to come. Some no doubt live in miserable circumstances, but how many can we take before we become miserable ourselves? To imagine that we Americans can save the world by opening our borders to nearly all comers is unbounded arrogance bordering on insanity. In the face of a potential mass migration, putting troops on the border was a proper response.

This article shows at least a degree of honesty by admitting that in seeking amnesty “many [migrants] do not meet the international refugee standard of fear of persecution.” The truth is that the great majority of them don’t, but they are coached by open border activists to make this bogus claim. These activists help organize and fund the caravans. They are not the outcome of random people coming together on their own to move to the U.S.

The article speaks of protecting “the integrity of this nation’s borders,” but that can only happen if we send the message that we will not permit “caravans” to overwhelm those borders. This is patriotic common sense, not “fear and xenophobia.”


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