Caravan Turns Violent

Members of the Central American migrant caravan that we most recently reported on earlier this week fought with Mexican police and national guard on Monday as they attempted to illegally cross the Suchiate River separating Mexico from Guatemala.

Hundreds of migrants fighting with Mexican National Guard (Twitter)

About 500 of the mostly Honduran group attempted to force their way across the border in the face of opposition from Mexican authorities. According to the Univision website, upon reaching the Mexican side of the river, “the migrants ran from side to side on the riverbank, raising dust and looking for a gap between the ranks of the National Guard.” The Guard fired teargas and began making arrests, while the migrants threw rocks and exchanged blows with the police and guardsmen. Approximately 400 of the group were apprehended and transferred to facilities maintained by the Mexican National Migration Institute. An Institute spokesman said their legal status would be verified and, “if applicable,” they would be returned by bus to their home country.

About 58 of the migrants were able to avoid capture by fleeing along “unsafe roads in the jungle.”

Before the attempted illegal crossing, authorities had told the migrants they could enter Mexico as long as they registered and applied for work in southern Mexico. The Mexican government repeated its position that the migrants would not be given free passage to the United States, as they demanded. Center for Immigration Studies reporter Todd Bensman earlier quoted an official of the Mexican agency charged with processing the migrants’ claims: “None want to stay in Mexico; this is just their first chance to get into the United States, of course.”

For more, see Breitbart.


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