Apr 06

‘Caravan’ May Still Be Coming

President Trump dispatched troops to the border in response to reports that a “caravan” of migrants from Central America was moving through Mexico with plans to enter the U.S. Subsequent reports claimed that the caravan broke up. Dailymail.com, in the U.K, maintains this is not the case:

“Hundreds of immigrants from Central America are in a ‘caravan’ through Mexico which Trump had claimed was ‘broken up’ thanks to ‘the strong immigration laws of Mexico.’ [But] . . . the marchers are being issued passes which give them as long as 30 days to stay in Mexico and tell them to report to immigration centers which dot the U.S. border. Members of the caravan are being moved in a fleet of buses north to the outskirts of Mexico City for a rally where they will be given tips on how to apply for asylum in the U.S.”

Read more at dailymail.co.uk.

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