Buttigieg Reveals Plan to Restock America with Foreigners

As you now know, yesterday Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, finished a close second to Bernie Sanders, the unabashed socialist, in New Hampshire’s primary, setting up a probable three-way contest (along with Amy Klobuchar) for the Democrat nomination.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (right), with husband

Sanders, with the kind of loathing for wealth that only a millionaire can muster, had recently attacked his young opponent as being a tool of corporate interests.

And so he is.

On the campaign trail in the granite state days earlier, Buttigieg unveiled a plan for middle America that will have them cheering in the C-suites from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Buttigieg’s new plan centers around what he calls “Community Renewal Visas,” a new visa program that would explicitly admit foreigners to re-populate “those areas [of America] that maybe are hurting for population but have great potential.”

Buttigieg cribbed his plan from one proposed by the Economic Innovation Group, a big business outfit composed of fat cats that seek to create so-called “Heartland Visas,” which would do the same thing as Buttigieg’s. The goal of these programs is quite simply to pack the country with immigrants, to–as John Binder points out in a Breitbart News piece–“drive up the need for additional housing, which in return provides developers and contractors with a series of new work while increasing housing prices for Americans.”

Of course, filling up the heartland with foreigners would have the added “benefit”–in the eyes of Democrat strategists–of painting those areas blue and thereby hastening the permanent take-over of America the Left is planning. That would certainly gladden the hearts of socialists like Sanders, so that, while the socialists and the corporatists may squabble over who gets to wield the power, their goals are the same: the displacement of Americans and the permanent transformation of the United States.

There are no “moderates” in the Democrat field. They all want the same kind of country, and that country doesn’t include you.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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