Buchanan Asks: Europe’s Future — Merkel or Le Pen?

Patrick J. Buchanan on Thursday wrote about the aftermath of the Berlin Christmas market massacre, and the stark alternatives Europe faces: the open borders of Angela Merkel and the EU elite, or nationalist policies of Marine Le Pen and other populist parties:

“Liberals may admonish us that all races, creeds, cultures are equal, that anyone from any continent, country or civilization can come to the West and assimilate.

But people don’t believe that.  Europe and America have moved beyond the verities of 20th-century liberalism.

The cruel experiences of the recent past, and common sense, dictate that open borders are Eurail passes for Islamist terrorists, who are anxious to come and kill us in the West.

Right-wing and anti-immigrant parties are succeeding in Europe for a simple reason.  Mainstream parties are failing in the first duty of government — to protect the safety and security of the people.

Read more here:  http://buchanan.org/blog/europes-future-merkel-le-pen-126291


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