Brooks: Elites Don’t Care about Working Americans

Rep. Mo Brooks (AL) charged that American economic elites, whom he mockingly describes as “Masters of the Universe,” have little concern for American workers–as they push for more foreign workers to take American jobs. He stated:

“I’m not a part of the Masters of the Universe crowd who thinks we ought to be bringing in all this foreign labor and the reason for it is pure economics. . . .

“And to the extent you import a lot of foreign labor, then you are artificially increasing the labor supply which in turn means that you’re artificially suppressing the wages of American families who are often hard-pressed to make ends meet So I respectfully disagree that we need more foreign labor, to the contrary, I would like to see us reduce the foreign labor that comes into America so that American families who are struggling to make ends meet, particularly those of us who are earning the least amounts, would be better to take care of their own families and less likely to be dependent on the welfare.”



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