Border Wall Growing 10 Miles per Week

We reported on September 28 that the wall project on our border with Mexico is slated to have completed another 250 miles before the end of 2020. A new announcement by the White House, dated September 29, states that “738 miles had been built, are under construction, or are being planned.”

CBP Map Showing New Wall (red) and Existing Sections (black)

The Administration has set a goal of having completed a total of 450 miles of wall system by the end of the year. At the year of about 10 miles per week, it should reach that goal handily. According to the statement:

This 450-mile section of constructed wall is significant as it will mark the end of DHS’s first round of efforts to secure the SWB with physical borders. These are some of the highest-trafficking and therefore most critical sectors of the southern border for illegal crossings and apprehensions.

The statement notes that the new border walls have forced the drug cartels to Ports of Entry, precisely where the Border Patrol is most effective in interdicting traffic.

According to the Washington Post, “Crews have been working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on at least five locations on the border,” to reach their goal.

Through these efforts, progress on the wall has continued in spite of political opposition, litigation, and constant hectoring by the press. The White House states:

These numbers point to the department’s unrelenting efforts to secure the American people and restore integrity to America’s broken immigration system despite widespread, transparently political obstruction in both Congress and the courts over the course of the administration.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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