Border Still Wide Open

“It’s a cat-and-mouse game, and the mouse is still winning,” reports Bob Casimiro Monday in the Bangor Daily News after a recent trip to the southern border.  Despite the efforts of our Border Patrol agents, only an estimated 30% of the illegals coming across the border are apprehended, according to Chris Cabrera, vice president of National Border Patrol Council Local 3307.

Cartel “scouts” operate inside the U.S., monitoring the movements of the Border Patrol and letting the smugglers know when it is safe to bring across drugs and human cargo – often during Border Patrol shift changes.

Casimiro concludes his report: “As I have seen in my seven trips to the border, starting in 2005 with the inception of the Minuteman Project, our borders are still wide open in spite of the best efforts of our dedicated Border Patrol agents; they are hampered by the bureaucracy, administration policies and the real culprits — the special interests and corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C.”


Posted 5/26/15 by Andrew Lewis


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