America Balkanized - Immigration’s Challenge to Government

by Brent Nelson
Ph.D.148 pages, hardback, published 1994
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    The issue of national identity versus multiculturalism grows ever more important as America faces the 21st century. Massive immigration and self-assertion by racial and cultural groups point to an increasingly diverse country.
    Can diversity become so great that unity becomes a vain hope? The splintering of Lebanon and former Yugoslavia suggests this possibility. Are their tragedies a fate our own country may face, or are we a special case with powers to harmonize all diversity?
    America Balkanized by Dr. Brent Nelson tries to provide an answer through research and well-reasoned argument. Dr. Nelson maintains that America’s powers of assimilation are not infinite. To imagine that we are an exception to the rules and limits that govern other nations is not optimism, but fatal arrogance.
    With this guideline foremost in mind, Nelson surveys the issues of immigration (with particular reference to the growing Hispanic population), conflict management, and the requirements of nationhood.
    He believes that today’s record levels of immigration should be cut to prevent the rise of ethnic power blocs which will place their own agendas ahead of the country as a whole.
    Should that happen, an increasingly powerful government will have to come in to mediate between the opposing factions. Such a state would tend to be authoritarian and thereby endanger traditional American freedoms. Yet, like the former Soviet Union, it still might fail to hold divided camps together.
    “...provocative, even courageous...” - Hugh Graham, Vanderbilt University.
    “...very analytic and well-researched...” - James Sauer, Conservative Review.

America Extinguished

by Dr. Samuel T. Francis
215 pages, paperback, published 2002
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    America Extinguished: Mass Immigration and the Disintegration of American Culture, by Dr. Samuel Francis, addresses the topic of immigration with a candor and insight which are refreshing as they are rare in these times of politically correctness. The book, a collection of Francis' essays between 1998 and 2000, effectively makes the case that mass immigration threatens the very existence of our country.
    Running through all of his arguments is the strength of simple common sense. Says Francis, "You cannot expect to switch populations and demographic majorities through massive immigration … as the United States has been doing now for some 30 years and not expect also to switch civilizations and symbols that represent them. You cannot expect millions of aliens from one civilization to enter the country, abandon all loyalties and values of their old civilization and sign up with all of those of the new one they have entered."
    Immigration reform needs to happen, and happen soon. Clear logic must cut through the sentimentalism and shabby self-interest which defend the status quo. Dr. Francis provides that logic.

The Coming Anarchy

by Joseph Wayne Smith and Evonne Moore
94 pages, paperback, published 2000
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   Dr. Joseph Smith, in his book The Coming Anarchy, maintains that the conflict between globalism and nationalism is the best perspective for understanding the issue of immigration. Globalists want a one-world economy--and a one-world state. Immigration for them is not a problem. Nationalists want to maintain distinctive cultures, countries and ways of life. For them immigration, at least on a large scale, is a problem.
   Globalists generally reside among the wealthy and influential classes. They present their cause as one of "progress" and nationalism as something inferior and backward. Today the globalists have the advantage.
   But this edge will not last indefinitely, Dr. Smith maintains. With a wealth of documentation, he demonstrates that the economic and political centralization of globalism is inherently top-heavy and unstable. Eventually this great scheme will collapse, and national components will rise again.
   Consequently, he believes, those patriots who struggle to protect their national identities through immigration reform and other measures are not struggling in vain.

The Dark Side of Liberalism

by Phil Kent
201 pages, hardback, published by Harbor House 2003

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    The Dark Side of Liberalism, by Phil Kent, is an impressive analysis of the anti-American mindset of the radical left. Of particular interest of immigration reformers is the chapter covering immigration, and how radicals push mass immigration and open borders to destroy the country they have always hated.
    Of this book, former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr commented: “We are reminded that conservative values can carry the day, whether in the courts of law or the court of public opinion. The Dark Side of Liberalism powerfully reveals the truth behind the beguiling facade of liberalism’s world view.”

Economism and the National Prospect

by John Attarian
72 pages, paperback, published 2001
$5.00 for 1 copy; $4.00 each for 2 or more copies

   Some people support mass immigration because they can only see the issue in terms of short-term profit and loss. They are classic examples of people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Author John Attarian calls them "economites" in his book Economism and the National Prospect.
   Dr. Attarian argues that the economite mindset, if unchecked, will destroy America. In the spirit of Christ's statement that "Man does not live by bread alone," Dr. Attarian maintains that a society which values money above religion, patriotism, culture, and esthetics will collapse. At that point, ironically, it also will lose the ability to make money.
   Immigration control, he affirms, is essential to maintaining our country as a viable spiritual entity. He does not disparage the market economy, but urges a proper balance of material and nonmaterial values.

Ethnopolitics: Immigration, Race, and the American Political Future

by Samuel T. Francis, Ph.D.
62 pages, paperback, published by Representative Government Press 2003
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   Ethnopolitics: Immigration, Race, and the American Political Future, by Dr. Sam Francis, is a frank discussion of pthe impact of immigration on political alignment in the United States, particularly with reference to racial and ethnic voting blocs.
   The author maintains that current immigration “will steer the major political parties to the left as they compete for the allegiance of mainly low-income, low skilled immigrants and racial minorities.” The Republican “Hispanic strategy” reflects this movement, but, as Dr. Francis persuasively argues, it is a strategy which will fail the GOP.
   Mass immigration will not bring the pleasant inclusiveness envisioned by its supporters, says the author. Instead, he foresees, “[It] will enhance an explicit racial and ethnic consciousness and identity for all racial and ethnic groups, in politics as well as most other aspects of life.”

The Immigration Mystique

by Chilton Williamson, Jr.
202 pages, 1998 AIC Foundation paperback edition with a new foreward by the author
only $6.00
    The interests pushing massive immigration often try to silence opposition by endlessly repeating that “we are a nation of immigrants” and that immigration has always “enriched America.” They claim that opening our doors to the world is the only moral and ethical position, and that anyone who disagrees probably does so from evil motives.
    An excellent refutation of these claims is Chilton Williamson’s The Immigration Mystique. Williamson, a former editor for National Review and current editor for Chronicles, sets the record straight on the history of immigration to the U.S. and effectively establishes immigration control on the moral high ground.
    He points out that past immigration was not always the golden success story that immigration advocates paint today. Indeed, what prevented disaster was that the nation enjoyed periodic breaks from immigration to permit assimilation of newcomers.
    On morality, Williamson affirms that vices, rather than humanitarian virtues, underlie today’s immigration policies. Chief among them are arrogance and pride. With no regard for humility or prudence, immigration backers proclaim that America can uplift the entire world by bringing much of the world here. It doesn’t matter that no other country has ever tried such a dubious project. They seem to believe that America is exempt from all the limitations that restrain lesser countries.
    If such arrogance continues, Williamson wryly suggests, the nation might consider changing its motto from “In God We Trust” to “God We Are.”
    Williamson calls on Americans to view immigration in a new light, and deal with it in a more honest and realistic way. The yearning for cheap sentiments and cheap labor, he warns, is a pathway to disaster.

Immigration Out of Control - The Interests Against America

by John Vinson
64 pages, paperback, published 1992
$3 for 1 copy; $2 each for 2-9 copies; $1 each for 10 or more copies
    Altruism and kindness are not the motivating forces behind this nation’s open door to immigration. Today, as well as in the past, vested interests in government, business, law, and religion have manipulated sentiments about immigration for the sake of profits and power. Vinson’s booklet identifies these interests and outlines their tactics against reasonable limits on immigration.
    It also provides a brief history of immigration and an overview of what massive immigration is now costing the nation.
    In other chapters it argues the ethical case for immigration control, answers pro-immigration arguments, and provides suggestions on what individual citizens can do to promote reform.
    The booklet affirms that immigration control is a positive and constructive policy to preserve the positive values of American nationality.

Immigration: Wrong Answer for Social Security

by John Attarian
60 pages, paperback, published by American Immigration Control Press 2003

$4.00 each
    Many immigration advocates maintain that mass immigration is the solution to the crisis facing the Social Security system: a declining number of working people supporting a growing number of retirees. A leading advocate of this idea is Stephen Moore of the libertarian Cato Institute. Moore claims that his analysis of Social Security statistics confirms his view.
    Economist John Attarian strongly disagrees in his 60-page analysis, Immigration: Wrong Answer for Social Security. He came to his conclusions after a lengthy analysis of Moore's work which revealed a flawed grasp of key concepts and poor methodology.
    He notes that even if one takes Moore's figures at face value, they show that present immigration offers little in the way of reducing projected Social Security deficits. And the same applies, even if immigration increases significantly.
    Dr. Attarian goes on to point out that large numbers of immigrants will not help Social Security unless they have the skills and productivity to make a net financial contribution to society. But immigrants today, on average, are not skilled, and even if they were, Dr. Attarian notes, we could never amass the investment and capital necessary to give them the productivity to make any real dent in Social Security shortfalls.
    Finally, he observes, large-scale immigration is bringing on serious social complications, only one of which is whether huge, relatively-poor immigrant communities would be willing to pay taxes for the benefit of elderly native-born Americans.

Importing Revolution

by William Hawkins
209 pages, paperback, published 1994
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    Many Americans involved in immigration control efforts never cease to be amazed at how well their opposition is organized and financed. Let any controversy related to immigration come up, and almost immediately “immigrant rights” groups spring up, usually with high-powered attorneys ready to litigate.
    Importing Revolution by William Hawkins is a revealing exposé on a major network of these groups, their motives, and their leading source of funding. His detailed research reveals a very disturbing picture.
    Members of this network are far-left radicals occupying key positions in such organizations as the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the National Lawyers Guild. The Ford Foundation is a leading financier behind their activity.
    Often citing statements from these individuals, Hawkins maintains that some resist reasonable controls on immigration for the purpose of destabilizing American society — and ultimately to promote revolution.
    Importing Revolution offers powerful rebuttal to those who claim that, somehow, massive immigration will “all work out in the end.” That is not likely when powerful interests behind it are purposefully aiming toward other goals.

Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third-World Immigration on American Culture

by George McDaniel and B. F. Long
169 pages, paperback, published by Representative Government Press 2003

$3.00 each
    George McDaniel and B.F. Long offer a chronicle of changing culture in their book, Metamorphosis, The Impact of Third World Immigration on America. Using statistics, revisionist history and a wide array of illustrations the authors provide a series of portraits illustrating the impact of Third World cultures on American culture. Specific areas include graffiti art, music, dance, language, advertising and religion.
    The writing style is light, but the overall message is not. The authors affirm that the cultures that make the Third World dysfunctional will have the same effect here if large-scale immigration continues. Summing this point up, they quote the mayor of a town overrun with illegal aliens who treacherously hails the invasion, while admitting that, “People . . . wonder where their town has gone.”

The Open Borders Lobby and the Nation’s Security After 9/11

by William Hawkins and Erin Anderson
82 pages, paperback, published by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture 2004

$9.00 each
    The Open Borders Lobby and the Nation’s Security After 9/11 by William Hawkins and Erin Anderson is an excellent overview of the well-funded radical-left groups that promote mass immigration and open borders. Hawkins is known among immigration reformers for his previous work, Importing Revolution, which exposed the radical organizations, largely funded by the Ford Foundation, which have advocated immigration for the purpose of destabilizing American society. The Open Borders Lobby updates Hawkins’ previous research.
    Both he and Anderson make it clear that the disaster of 9/11 has in no way abated the radicals’ subversion. As David Horowitz observes in the foreword, “As Hawkins and Anderson show, the open borders campaign was already instrumental in damaging the nation’s ability to defend itself before 9/11. Yet not even this terrible event has caused the activists to have second thoughts, or tempered their reckless attacks.”