Boat People Come Ashore in Florida

During the recent freak-out by South Florida officials (always alert to any threats to the tourist industry) over the possible relocation of Central American migrants there, one official said, “We are not a border state. We are the state of Florida.”

That fellow may want to reconsider. Maybe Florida is a border state, or at last a state for which there is no land intervening between itself and, say, Haiti.

On Wednesday in Pompano Beach, Broward County sheriff’s deputies took into custody a dozen illegal immigrants from Haiti, who came ashore from an overloaded 25-foot boat. In addition to those apprehended, some of the passengers were seen to abandon the boat near the shore and head for safety in a condominium development.  Police were searching the area.

One female was hospitalized and the remainder of those apprehended were taken to a detention center. Their immediate fate is uncertain, but if they claim refugee status, considering our suicidal laws and policies, they may have just become our newest fellow Americans.

This is not the first incident even this week of “boat people” attempting to reach America. On Monday, the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted a boat with about 50 migrants from Haiti and a boat with 10 migrants from Cuba.

For more, see WPLG


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