Blue-Collar Wages Rising Again

As a follow-up to yesterday’s good news about American employers getting used to hiring American workers again, today we learn that employers are being forced to raise blue-collar wages as they recruit new employees.

Neil Munro tweets a warning about Biden’s immigration plans

Breitbart News is noting a September 6 Bloomberg report titled “Factory Owners Hiking Pay to Lure Workers Even With Jobless Rate.”

In Georgia, the staffing firm Hire Dynamics has more open job orders than at any time in its history. Many of its clients are offering $2-per-hour bonuses to recruit workers during the pandemic, one offering up to $5. The company is hosting drive-up job fairs where applicants can apply from their cars.

In Illinois, one online marketeer reported offering a $2.25 bonus to attract needed workers, plus an additional bonus for remaining in the job.

Although overall unemployment due to the Wuhan virus is down from its April peak of more than 14 percent, it remains high at 8.4 percent. Nevertheless, companies recovering from the shutdown are anxious to staff back up and are willing to pay to do so.

By way of explanation, Neil Munro at Breitbart cites the surging blue-collar wage rate that prevailed immediately before the pandemic, largely due to President Trump’s immigration restrictions. He suggests that those workers are optimistic about returning to the days of rising expectations and that they are responding when employers up the ante.

For example, Haley Marketing, a consultant to the staffing industry, recently studied warehouse jobs in Pennsylvania and found that positions paying $17 an hour got 25% more response from a year ago. Says an economist with SunTrust Banks, “Ultimately it’s going to be a permanent change that these lower-end workers are going to get more money.”


Munro adds a note of caution to this optimistic prediction: “Unless, of course, Joe Biden gets elected and floods the labor market by implementing his campaign promise to roll back border enforcement and to also raise the inflow of foreign refugees, visa workers, and legal immigrants.”

As Joe would say, Think about it.

For more, see Breitbart News.

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