Biden’s Plan to Diversify Middle America

We mentioned this last month: Joe Biden’s plan to pack rural America with a never-ending supply of immigrants from God-knows-where. This is a proposal initially floated by his former Democrat opponent Pete Buttigieg, which had itself originally been crafted by a bunch of big business, open-borders fat cats called the Economic Innovation Group (EIG).

Lewiston, Maine, August 2016

The plan goes like this: While the coastal and borders regions of the U.S. have “benefited” from lots of immigration over recent decades, portions of America in the interior have gone wanting. This has led to the shrinking of many towns and small cities, many of them in the Midwest. To remedy the situation and to continue the Almighty Growth that Chambers of Commerce and community boosters are forever desperate for, the proposal is to allow mayors and other political leaders in municipalities threatened with shrinking to petition for foreign workers who would enter their towns on any of numerous non-immigrant visa programs.

This would please industry CEOs always on the lookout for cheap, compliant labor. The foreign workers themselves would have realized their goal of getting to America, but not yet as official immigrants. Any number of them could, however, be nominated each year by their employers for green cards, each of which comes with a path to citizenship. These might take years to acquire, however, and in the meantime the “temporary” workers would be locked into a form of indentured servitude. This would of course make the CEOs even happier and they would in turn likely show their gratitude to the politicians with handsome campaign contributions and other largess. And that would certainly make the pols happy.

Unhappy would be the long-suffering American workers and their families who would not only see their wages permanently depressed but would also witness the social and cultural destruction of their lives.  (See, for example, what this kind of influx has done to Lewiston, Maine.)

Plans such as this are “non-partisan” in the worst possible way. George W. Bush’s 2004 initiative “Willing worker, willing employer” was similar and sought to please the same fat cats as the EIG/Buttigieg/Biden proposal does. The Republicans like them primarily for that reason (it brings in the donor cash), while Dems don’t shun the mazuma but also take a longer view that includes the wholesale acquisition of future, very grateful voters.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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