Biden Support Strong–in Mexico

According to a series of reports in the New Republic and Breitbart News, Joe Biden is enjoying strong support among migrants stranded in Mexico but determined to live in America.

Central American caravan in Mexico, headed toward U.S. border

President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP, or, informally, “Remain in Mexico”) policy over the past two years has sent many asylum seekers back to camps in Mexico to await the adjudication of their asylum claims. While many have simply returned to their home countries–usually either elsewhere in Mexico or in Central America–some thousands remain strung along the southern side of the border, resolutely waiting for a court decision or, better yet, an electoral victory, to open the gates once more.

It is among these would-be asylees that support for a Biden win is strong. The New Republic spoke with one such Biden supporter, Honduran Luis Adrian Martinez Reyes, who along with his wife and children has been living in a migrant camp in Matamoros for more than a year. Reyes called the U.S. election his “best hope,” and declared, “Here we are all asking God for Biden to win.”

Along similar lines, Breitbart News quotes in North Texas:

For now, Cesar and Carolina, the Nicaraguan couple living at Pan de Vida migrant shelter, are closely following the presidential race. “Our hope is that there will be some change that benefits all of us here,” Carolina said.

From their point of view, the migrants have reason to hope for a Biden victory. The former vice-president has pledged to end MPP immediately upon taking office, while President Trump vows to continue the policy. A Salvadoran asylum seeker giving his name only as “Gustavo” told Reuters earlier this month, “Biden’s proposals are very encouraging.”

For now, the floodgates are effectively shut on our southern border, but thousands already there and–according to Gallop–up to five million more in Central America who want to live in the United States are watching next week’s election. Those results could re-open the gates, perhaps forever.

For more, see Breitbart News.



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