Biden ‘Elected’ by Non-Citizens?

A study by the nonprofit research institute Just Facts done just after the November presidential election is suggesting strongly that the Biden “victory” was achieved, at least in part, by thousands of non-citizens illegally voting.

Just Facts based their report on an analysis of the vote in the following battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all but one (North Carolina) of which were eventually declared for Biden. They looked at Census estimates of the numbers of non-citizens in each state and applied to those estimates data regarding illegal voter registration and voting practices obtained after previous elections.

Those polls of non-citizens, conducted by polling agencies such as Harvard University and McLaughlin & Associates, have shown consistently that between 13 and 16 percent of non-citizens admit to being registered to vote, and eight to nine percent confess to have definitely voted in a previous election. In addition, the surveys reveal that non-citizens tend to favor Democrats overwhelmingly over Republicans. (In 2008, 82% of non-citizens who said they voted also stated that they voted for Democrat Barack Obama, while just 18% said they voted for Republican John McCain.)

Given the consistency of those results, Just Facts extrapolated to 2020 and concluded that a state such as Arizona, for example, with an estimated non-citizen population of 502,108, would have seen 79,442 non-citizens voting illegally, 64,984 of whom would have voted for Biden, giving him an advantage of 51,081.

The list below shows that, of the vote count as on November 8, Biden likely benefited from thousands of illegal votes in each state:

  • Arizona: 51,081
  • Georgia: 54,950
  • Michigan: 22,585
  • Nevada: 22,021
  • North Carolina: 46,218
  • Pennsylvania: 32,706
  • Wisconsin: 5,010

This phenomenon of non-citizen voting is made possible by the virtual absence of guarantees that any given resident attempting to register to vote is actually a citizen. While a few states require a registrant to supply a Social Security number, most do not, and even in the ones that do, it is common knowledge that SS numbers are openly available on the black market.

Studies such as this one by Just Facts reveal all too clearly that our patchwork voter registration system and indeed our elections themselves are all too easily gamed by non-citizens and their leftist supporters. The concept of American citizenship is being erased before our eyes. A country that no longer distinguishes a citizen from a foreigner is no longer a country; it has become simply a land mass where the world’s excess huddles in pursuit of dollars.

For more, see the Washington Times.


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