Biden: “Bizarre” to Think There’s a Limit to Immigration

Back in July of last year, during the first of the debates among the Democrat Presidential hopefuls, Joe Biden declared, “This country can tolerate a heck of a lot more people!

Joe Biden amid Asian-American community

Although Joe’s campaign has since gone from hopeful to more or less hope-less, he’s still insisting it is so. Last night, speaking to a crowd of Asians at a Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas, Joe expressed disbelief that anyone could doubt him.

It is “bizarre” to think that there’s any limitation on this country’s capacity to absorb any number of foreigners, he thundered. “It is absolutely bizarre!”

Biden was addressing a subset of America’s foreign-born that he has attempted to stake out for himself, the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. In mid-January, when he was doing a little better on the “electability” front (i.e., before anyone had had the opportunity not to vote for him), Joe was endorsed by the AAPI Victory Fund super PAC. In making the announcement its chairman said, “We believe that Joe Biden is the best candidate to defeat Trump and lead our country.” He added that Biden “cares deeply about AAPI issues.”

Once regarded as the “model minority” due to their perceived tendency to work hard and complain little, in recent years Asians in this country have taken a much more activist, political role, and the level of complaints has risen accordingly. Much of this behavior has been egged on by ambitious politicians like Biden, who benefit by encouraging minority groups to demand ever more from the government and, by extension, from their native hosts.

Last night at the Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant, Biden reminded the AAPIs in attendance that they too have kinsmen among that vast army of the oppressed living in perpetual fear in America’s shadows, the world of the Undocumented Dreamer. It was this group that his pal Barack Obama sought to lift up with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and Joe wants them to know that Latinos hold no monopoly on dreaming. There are “thousands and thousands of AAPI ‘dreamers,'”  he told them.

More than 220,000 Asian Americans are said to live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, enough that caucus materials are printed in Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines.

In an article for Breitbart News, Joel Pollack reported that following Joe’s performance, some in the crowd departed for the Chinatown Mall to cast an early vote in the upcoming Nevada caucus.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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