Battle Over Immigration Looms

January 15, 2017

The mayor of our nation’s capital will soon be using money from collected from taxpayers nationwide to provide a haven for illegal aliens.  At the same time, a Democrat senator and a Republican senator have joined forces to try to protect amnestied illegals through legislation, indicating that a major national battle over the nation’s immigration policy looms.

Last week, Washington, D.C., became the  latest city to join a growing list of cities run by left-wing mayors that have pledged to use taxpayer money to protect illegal  aliens from deportation under the incoming administration of Donald Trump.

In a dramatic depature from the policies of President Barack Obama, President-elect Trump and incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions have promised to enforce immigration laws, sending shock waves through some corporate boardrooms, non-profit foundations, ethnic advocacy groups and others benefitting from unchecked illegal immigration.  Democrat political strategists, for example, fear that reductions in the Hispanic immigrant population will shrink their future electoral base.

The nation’s capital is joining Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and New York, where advocates of cheap imported labor have vowed not only to defy federal immigration law by refusing to cooperate with immigration authorities, but also to provide legal aid at taxpayer expense to illegal aliens facing deportation.

In addition to local revenues, D.C. also receives federal tax dollars collected from taxpayers nationwide who have no say in how those dollars are spent.

Democrat D.C. Mayor Muriel Browser announced she will set aside a whopping $500,000 in city revenues for grants to immigration lawyers and ethnic advocacy groups to protect the estimated 25,000 or more illegals living and working in her city.

“If immigration enforcement changes and problems arise, DC’s immigrant population will have our support and the support of DC’s legal community,” said Browser.

She said she will launch the initiative by shifting funds from the Office on Latino Affairs to a new “Immigrant Justice Legal Services Grant Program.” City officials said that the fund would also accept donations from individual residents or groups.

Nonprofits, private organizations and law firms in Washington will be eligible to win the grant money. Groups can begin applying Jan. 23, the first Monday that Trump will be in the White House.

Although the funds are coming through the Latino affairs office, groups that promote or defend illegal immigrants from any region are eligible for grants. The mayor’s aides said they envision nonprofit immigrant groups pairing with law firms to win grants,  creating a network of new tax-funded legal services for illegal immigrants.

More evidence that a battle over immigration policy is breweing came from Capitol Hill. Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin (IL) and Republican Lindsey Graham (SC) are introducing legislation they call the “Bridge Act” to extend “protected status” to illegal aliens who received a reprieve from deportation through an executive order from President Barack Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” known as DACA.  Their bill would give an estimated 750,000 illegal aliens work permits renewable every two years if they commit no serious felonies while in the U.S. illegally.  Because DACA was implemented by executive order, it can be rescinded by President-elect Trump after he takes office.  So the senators are trying to preserve the amnesty policy in federal law out of the reach of action by presidential orders.


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