Another Caravan on the Way as Mexican Border Towns Fill Up

Fox News is reporting that another in a seemingly endless number of migrant caravans from Central America and points south has crossed into Mexico.

Yesterday, more than a thousand migrants overwhelmed Mexican border agents on Mexico’s southern border and crossed into that country, with the ultimate objective of entering the United States.

Before they reach America, however, they will  join countless others already crowding into cities on Mexico’s northern border, cities like Ciudad Juarez.  Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso,  is one of the most violent cities in the world. It witnessed 1200 murders last year and more than 100 last month. Yet,  as U.S. border security at the San Diego/Tijuana port to the west has been enhanced,  more migrants are headed to Juarez, in spite of the risk from violent attack by the cartels.

Apprehensions of illegal border crossers in the El Paso area are up a whopping  478 percent over last year. Since October 1, there have been 43,238 apprehensions of illegals in the area, compared with 7481 during the same period last year. Statements by Democratic politicians, many of them presidential candidates, have helped fuel the fire and add to the crisis. Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke, for example, recently even called for the dismantling of the existing wall along the border.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents are doing what they can to strengthen the wall and fences by adding concrete “K-rails” (Jersey barriers) and barbed wire.










Hector Mancha, Director of Border Patrol Field Operations in El Paso, says the agency is taking a proactive approach.  “Waiting until a large group of persons mass at the border to attempt an illegal crossing is too late for us; it is vital that we are prepared prior to when they arrive at the border crossing,” he said.

For more, see Fox News.


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