Anarchy Isn’t an American Value

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

The Trump Administration announced this week that it would be significantly retreating from the long-held American principle that asylum seekers who show up at our ports of entry would be assured due process for their claims. The change is designed to deter the influx of Central American refugees that have [sic] been overwhelming the immigration court system. The new trump rule is certain to face a legal challenge. . . .

It appears in conflict with a law passed by Congress that a migrant cannot be blocked on the basis of his or her country of origin. . . . So what happens now to Central Americans who have endured the long and precarious journey through Guatemala and Mexico to make their appeal for entry to the U.S. because of fear or persecution in their homeland? Under the new Trump Administration edict, they will be turned away unless they have applied—and been rejected—for asylum in Guatemala or Mexico.

In effect, the United States is sending the message that it simply doesn’t care what happens to these migrants. . . . Instead, much of what the Trump Administration is doing is only aggravating a humanitarian crisis that is a stain on this nation’s expressed values. – Trump Asylum Policy Outsources American Values, San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle Editorial Board, 7/16/19. [Link]

Fact Check of Quote: The courts no doubt will decide whether the administration’s action is in keeping with the law. If they decide it isn’t, that law needs to be changed. Business as usual is no longer working as chaos on the border is spiraling out of control. New approaches, like the administration’s, are crucial.

The basic reason is that more and more foreigners who want to come illegally to the U.S. have discovered the amnesty scam. When they cross the border illegally, they falsely claim that they are seeking asylum, which commonly allows them to stay in the U.S. for hearings. While here, they can simply skip the hearings and disappear. Thanks to loopholes in our laws, they can more likely stay if they bring one or more children with them. The result is an increasing flood of adults and children who are stressing our immigration system to the breaking point.

The purpose of amnesty is to provide safety to people fleeing persecution on grounds of political beliefs, religion, race, nationality, or membership in a particular group. Few of the Central American migrants meet these criteria, which is evident for several reasons.

One is that in survey of migrants’ views, the great majority of respondents admit that economic improvement is the chief motive for trying to reach the U.S. This raises another reason why their asylum claims are fraudulent. Almost all of them cross through one or more other countries to reach the U.S. If all they were seeking was safety, they could have applied for asylum in those countries. The fact they kept on traveling strongly suggests that their primary aim was to get to the place where they could get the most money. Still another proof that most asylum claims are bogus is that less than ten percent of the migrants who go through the application process are granted asylum.

It may be that many of the migrants are poor, but poverty is not grounds for asylum. Neither is living in places with high rates of violent crime—as is the case in some Central American countries. The latter is the excuse that migration advocates use to justify amnesty. This furthermore is a questionable excuse because the level of crime in Central America has declined in recent years, even as the level of migration has sharply risen.

Given these realities, the new rule of the Trump Administration is quite reasonable and prudent. It simply requires that asylum applicants must first apply for asylum in the countries they cross before they apply in the U.S. This check on asylum fraud is crucial. If it is not checked, more and more people from around the world will show up at our gates to try their luck with the amnesty scam. Polling shows that tens of millions would like to come.

The Chronicle’s editorial writer claims that the administration doesn’t care about immigrants, but fails to acknowledge the limits on how much we can care—most specifically that we are simply unable to save most of the unhappy people of the world by letting them settle here. Trying to do so can only invite chaos and the fragmentation of our country. There’s no way to assimilate a human tidal wave.

Speaking of caring, does the editorialist care about any of these issues? Our rule of law is one of our primary values, and it simply can’t survive unlimited fraud. Anarchy, most definitely, is not an American value.


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