An Invasion by Any Other Name

It’s no secret that the Left in America is chronically in a tizzy. This week’s tizzy has to do with the fact that President Trump, along with many other Americans,  had labeled what’s going on on our southern border this year as an “invasion.”  Subsequently, a mentally deranged individual apparently felt the same way and, insanely, shot and killed a number of people in El Paso.  (That person also appears to have harbored other, unrelated, grudges: for example, against corporate farming, water pollution, urban sprawl, etc, though those motives aren’t being talked about.  Similarly, on the following day, another mentally deranged person shot and killed a number of people in Dayton, but he apparently held an approved political allegiance [Elizabeth Warren supporter] and so his actions don’t figure into this week’s tizzy either.)

The Left is now saying, collectively, to Trump, “See, you shouldn’t have called it an ‘invasion’! You said that only because they’re Hispanic! Look what you’ve done!”

Juliet asked, “What’s in a name?”

What’s in a name? asked Juliet, and so might we. One of Webster’s Dictionary definitions of invasion is “the act of encroaching upon the rights or possessions of another; encroachment;  trespass.” That seems a fairly apt description of the ongoing influx of foreigners illegally crossing our border to the south, and it has nothing to do with ethnicity.  Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends agrees:

“When you have over 110,000 people coming a month ― over a million last year and well over a million this year, if you use the term ‘invasion,’ that’s not anti-Hispanic, it’s a fact. If the Russians were coming through Alaska, through Canada, the President would use the same language.”

The “incursion,” if you will, of huge numbers of unauthorized aliens into our country, often by stealth and sometimes attempted by force (See “Migrants Testing Border Defenses“) is an invasion, though you may call it what you will.  If nutcases like the shooter in El Paso respond in nutcase fashion, don’t blame those who have accurately described the situation. If you must blame anyone other than the nutcases themselves, blame the invaders and those who egg them on.

See video of Kilmeade’s comments here.


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