Agents Chase Illegals Near Laredo

On May 15, Border Patrol agents attempted to stop a white pickup truck loaded with illegal migrants attempting to make its way past checkpoints near Laredo, Texas.

Back to Mexico: Six migrants and a driver (CBP)

The pickup driver refused to stop and a lengthy chase began. A CBP helicopter crew joined in and kept the truck, holding 12 illegals, in sight as it zig-zagged its way toward hoped-for safety away from the border and the American patrols.

Agents on the ground again attempted a stop and again the driver failed to yield. By this point, however, he had reconsidered and was headed back to the border and the Rio Grande. Finally the truck came to a stop at the river’s edge and all 13 on board, including the driver, dashed into the water, intent on getting back to Mexico.

Six migrants and the driver made their way successfully to the opposite bank. Six others were apprehended. One of the latter was taken to a hospital for undisclosed treatment, and all were held, pending an investigation into the failed smuggling attempt.

That’s as much as we know from the CBP at this point. If this incident resolves as usual, the six apprehended will soon be returned to Mexico, where they will join their colleagues who successfully got away. And the Border Patrol will eventually see them again, in their endlessly repeated game of cat and mouse.

For more see the Customs and Border Protection website.

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