AFL-CIO Urges Obama to Give Amnesty to “Americans in Waiting”

Calling them “aspiring American workers,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Wednesday called on President Obama to bypass Congress and use his alleged executive authority to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

“Families are being separated because Congress has failed to act on a commonsense immigration process.  The crisis on our worksites and in our communities can’t wait.  That’s why I’m calling on President Obama to extend administrative relief to Americans in waiting,” Trumka said.

This AFL-CIO announcement is the latest example of the organized labor movement at the national level abandoning its traditional defense of American workers whose wages and working conditions are damaged by mass immigration.  Today the labor bosses are major players in the national Democratic Party that sees mass Third World immigration as a means of importing Democrat voters.  And with most union membership growth in the service and hospitality industries with many illegal alien workers, or public employee unions with an interest in growing the size of government, support of uncontrolled immigration means more union dues for the bosses.


Posted 7/10/14 by Andrew Lewis


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