May 31

A Nightmare for Whom?

More Misinformation from the Media:

The campaign for a national mandate [for E-Verify] has withered amid what appeals to be a more pressing problem—a historic labor shortage that has businesses across the country desperate for work at restaurants, on farms and in other law-wage jobs. . . .

In South Carolina, restauranteur Steve Carb [who] is struggling to staff his 12 restaurants . . . He has had to raise wages to attract and keep workers. Dishwashers earn $13 an hour instead of the $10 they earned a couple of years ago. Line cooks are paid $15 to $18 an hour, instead of 13 to $15. Additional overtime costs mean tweaking the menu to stay profitable, from switching to smaller shrimp to raising the price of a plate of fish and chips by 30 cents.

“The whole island is a disaster zone right now,” said Carb . . . “It’s been a nightmare.” Meanwhile, Carb noted, “there are people [illegal aliens] who are willing to work and pay taxes, but they can’t get jobs because we can’t legally hire them. – Trump Isn’t Pushing Hard for This One Popular Way to Curb Illegal Immigration, The Washington Post, Tracy Jan, 5/22/18 [Link]

Fact Check: This Washington Post article endorses the tired old line that we face a labor shortage, and we must continue mass immigration to provide needed workers. They ignore the studies showing that automation will replace forty percent or more of working Americans within the next couple of decades.

Most interesting about this article is its utter cluelessness and indifference to the wellbeing of American workers. It uncritically reports a businessman’s claim that his inability to hire illegal aliens is causing him a “nightmare.” It’s so bad that he even has to pay higher wages to dishwashers and cooks.

Does anyone see a problem with this lament? Certainly anyone who cares about low-wage American workers getting better salaries. The implied message is that that these are people who really don’t matter. For some people it’s a nightmare when working Americans can get a shot at the American Dream.

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