Labor, Automation, and Immigration

A common claim to justify mass immigration is that it is necessary to provide workers. Otherwise, we would have a labor shortage. This is not true, and one reason is that our economy is on the threshold of a major shift to automation. The links below offer perspectives on this pending change. They provide different viewpoints on what the extent it will be, but they agree it will be significant. With automation set to take so many jobs in the near future, we don’t need immigration to provide an adequate workforce. Some say that agriculture is one field where we will always have a domestic labor shortage. The last link shows how automation can overcome this problem. (See page 30)


  1. Great job on getting the truth out. Keep up the good work! We need this to counter the liberal news media.

  2. We need the laws on immigration in forced! I am 91 years old and I am glad I do not have to live

    in this county much longer .I love what Trump has done for our county I watch Congress on TV What

    a mess I do not understand how they were elected So disrespectful of each other We need to teach

    civics in the schools again God bless america!


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