A Day in the Life of the Border Patrol

KVIA, the ABC-TV affiliate in El Paso, has posted a video account of a reporter’s experience following Border Patrol agents on a typical day.

Recounting her day, reporter Shelby Montgomery said that she and the agent she accompanied found 40 migrants within the first 25 minutes.  Then came a radio call for help from another agent who had apprehended 30.  On the way to assist, the two saw three more groups of migrants, then a minute later, yet another group.

As usual, these groups are not looking to evade capture.  Mostly accompanied by minor children, they want to be apprehended and cared for, secure in the knowledge that U.S. policy requires that they will soon be released into America.

One male adult, holding a small boy in his arms, offered the following, somewhat bizarre, geographical explanation for his attempt to illegally enter the United States:

“We’re from Guatemala. Where we’re from, there are hills and mountains. The land doesn’t allow itself to cultivate.  So there is no money. I have to go somewhere else.”

Within the last 30 days in the El Paso area, the agent explains, an average of 938 illegals have been caught each day.

The reporter and agent next drove along the border highway, where they encountered three more groups of migrants. The agent told them to keep walking until they reached the processing point.

To see the video, go to KVIA.com.



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