300 Bodies of Illegal Migrants Found in Fiscal Year 2019

Father and child drowned in Rio Grande

Obtaining access to public records yet to be released, the Washington Examiner is reporting that Border Patrol agents found at least 300 bodies of illegal border crossers in the fiscal year that ended in September, including a father and child found in the Rio Grande this summer (at left).

The CBP has been recording the number of dead migrants found along the U.S./Mexican border since 1998. The total of recovered bodies thus far has now reached about 7,800. During the previous five years, agents reported finding anywhere from 251 to 329 bodies each year.

Many have met the same fate — dying after traveling for weeks by foot, bus, and train .

In FY 2019, agents arrested more than 851,000 illegal crossers, the most in the past dozen years.

The Border Patrol divides the border into nine distinct sectors: Big Bend, Del Rio, El Centro, El Paso, Laredo, Rio Grande Valley, San Diego, Tucson, and Yuma. Of these, the Laredo and Rio Grande Valley sections, both in southeastern Texas, were the most deadly in 2019. The Laredo section accounted for 78 bodies while 69 bodies were recovered in the Rio Grande Valley. In years past, the Tucson section had proven the deadliest: since 2001, nearly 2,500 bodies have been found there alone, including a record 251 in 2010. (To view the grisly statistics, go to the CBP website.)

The Border Patrol statistics count only those bodies recovered. Many of the deceased no doubt take years to find and some will never be recovered. The pro-migrant organization Border Angels estimates that since 1994, at least 10,000 have died “due to extreme weather, lack of food and water, and the overall perilous nature of the trip.”

For more, see the Washington Examiner.


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