Orban Upholds Real Democracy

The Quote Below—More Misinformation from the Media

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has become a virtual pariah within the European Union because of his dismantling of his country’s democratic institutions, cruel treatment of asylum seekers and anti-Semitic provocations. But on Monday he is due to be welcomed to the White House by President Trump, who appears to prefer crude autocrats of Mr. Orban’s type to the liberal democratic leaders of the United States’ closest allies. . . .

[Orban has served] nine consecutive years in office thanks to increasingly unfair elections, the construction of a razor wire fence along Hungary’s southern border to prevent the entry of asylum seekers and the articulation of an ideology of ‘illiberal democracy’ whose explicit aim is to preserve Hungary’s white and Christian identity. Mr. Orban’s last election campaign a year ago was centered on the claim that the Budapest-born billionaire George Soros, who is Jewish, was plotting to overwhelm Hungary with Muslim immigrants. . . .

Mr. trump’s affinity for this demagogue is matched by his administration’s steadily worsening relations with traditionally close U.S. allies such as Germany and France. On the same day that the White House announced Mr. Orban visit, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo abruptly canceled a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As Europe’s centrist parties struggle with a growing challenge from far-right parties with racist and authoritarian agendas, the United States ought to be doing all it can to bolster liberal democracy . . . . Instead, with increasing boldness, Mr. Trump is siding with democracy’s enemies. – Trump Favors Democracy’ Enemies. An Oval Office meeting Monday makes the Point, The Washington Post, Editorial Board, 5/12/19

Fact Check on Quote: It is truly laughable to hear defenders of the European Union (E.U.) claim that they are defenders of democracy. The E.U. is quasi dictatorship, run from Brussels, Belgium, which imposes its rule on its member states. One of its primary goals is to force member states to accept massive immigration from the Middle East and Africa. The elites who run the E.U. don’t seem to care that their project will destroy the historic nations of Europe with multicultural chaos.

Or perhaps this is precisely what those elites want. Countries split and divided with diversity will not be able to unite against their overlords.

When these elites speak of “democracy” they don’t mean the conventional understanding of that word, which is rule by the people. No, they deceptively use the term “liberal democracy,” which isn’t democracy at all, but rather the rule of elites who believe that they are the only people whose views should matter.

Victor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary is a defender of true democracy. He represents the will of the Hungarian people to prevent mass immigration so that they can remain Hungarian. In Hungary’s election last year, after a record level of voter turnout, voters gave Orban’s party 133 seats in parliament out of a total 199. Just what was “unfair” about this political landslide? And just what, one wonders, is “authoritarian and racist” about a country wanting to preserve its ethnic and religious character?

Hungarians rightly are concerned about a huge Muslim influx. They remember their history as subjects of Muslim colonialism and tyranny, and they see today what has happened in other European countries, such as Germany, which have admitted large numbers of Muslims.  Interestingly the Post article lauds German leader Angela Merkel as a democrat when her regime is notorious for its dictatorial efforts to silence German patriots who protest mass immigration.

Prime Minister Orban has rightly criticized George Soros the billionaire currency speculator who has used his ill-gotten fortune to wage a global crusade against national sovereignty. Soros happens to be Jewish, but Orban has criticized his character and actions, not his ethnicity. The Post offers no proof that the Hungarian leader is “anti-Semitic.”

President Trump deserves credit for meeting with Prime Minister Orban and ignoring Orban’s critics. Truly it is they who are the “enemies of democracy.”


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