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America Takes Action - Citizens Defend Sovereignty

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 Released in March 2006, this 20-minute video reveals a border still unsecured almost five years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Exclusive footage shows illegal aliens relentlessly crossing our border, either completely open or "safeguarded" with broken culvert pipes, collapsing fences and rusting strands of barbed wire.

Growing numbers of illegal aliens in the U.S. fuel radical movements, as revealed in footage of hostile demonstrators. Caution: profanity and vulgar gestures may disturb some viewers.

The film, however, is not negative or pessimistic. It primary theme is that Americans are actively taking a stand against lawlessness and de facto colonization. Viewers see ordinary citizens speaking out public rallies, Minutemen volunteers on the border, and law enforcement officers discussing local strategies against illegal immigration.

Introducing the film is Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), leader of the House Immigration Reform Caucus.

America—Rule of Law or Anarchy

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America — Rule of Law or Anarchy, explores the consequences of the breakdown of law and order brought about by massive illegal immigration. It highlights the fact that people who break our immigration laws are often disposed to break other laws.

Affirming this point are exclusive interviews with local officials who have witnessed firsthand the impact illegal alien crime. They include Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio; DA John Morganelli, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; and Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Their comments provide ideas for local community action throughout the country against illegal immigration.

Beyond crimes against individuals, the video depicts the increasing anarchy throughout society fostered by illegal immigration. Included is footage of illegal alien demonstrations, revealing the extreme and the anti-American attitudes of the participants. This video is sobering and eye-opening. It truly shows where our country is headed if we don't change course.

American Labor Betrayed

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American Labor Betrayed exposes the indifference of prominent labor leaders to the interests of American working people. The video focuses on the "freedom ride" of illegal aliens who traveled to rallies in the New York City area to demand amnesty and other benefits. Shown are prominent labor and political leaders welcoming the riders as "immigrants" and "workers" with hardly a reference to their legal status.

American Labor Betrayed reveals what the mainstream media refused to show: participants proudly displaying the flags of their countries, groups marching in military-style formation, and speakers stirring up the crowd with messages of racial antagonism.

The video raises the point that some labor leaders are more interested in attracting new dues-paying members than defending the jobs and benefits of American citizens. Members of union households definitely will find this video of interest, as well as other Americans concerned about issues of employment and the overall problem of illegal immigration.

American Labor Betrayed (15 minute length) is introduced by a statement by Rep. Tom Tancredo (CO), chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus.

Border Out of Control - Immigration or Colonization?

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Border Out of Control - Immigration or Colonization? graphically reveals the illegal alien takeover of American communities, not just in border states but far into the heartland as well.

The video contains exclusive footage of illegal aliens streaming across a border guarded only by flimsy strands of barbed wire; a crumbling border wall by the Pacific Ocean; illegal aliens venting their hatred of America; and downtown areas which look more like Mexico than America.

Along with the footage, the videocassette offers the testimony of a diverse group of Americans expressing their concern about illegal alien colonization. They include a former Border Patrol officer, a restaurant owner, the daughter of an illegal alien smuggler, a former rock group manager, and two women whose sons died in accidents caused by illegal aliens.

This videocassette can serve to educate Americans who do not yet appreciate the full extent of the illegal alien crisis. Potential audiences are friends, family, immigration reform groups and other organizations.

Border Out of Control - Immigration or Colonization? (20 minute length) is introduced by a statement by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus.

National Security at Risk

Available for download soon

Illegal immigration, whether by visa or border crossing, is not a victimless crime, despite the claims of open border advocates. Americans who would like to see why should view National Security at Risk.

It reveals that the lawlessness of open borders begets more lawlessness — commonly against American citizens. The video presents stark footage of illegal aliens and their supporters attacking peaceful American demonstrators. It exposes the criminality of foreign lawbreakers and the losses of their victims.

National Security at Risk takes issue with the claim that we must tolerate open borders in order to have enough workers to fill jobs and sustain our economy. With documented statistics, graphic illustration and personal testimony, the video exposes the falsehood of this alleged need.

National Security at Risk (15 minute length) is a valuable corrective against the deceptive and sentimental portrayal of illegal aliens often presented in the mass media.

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